Mar 15

The Kindle is a fantastic device that has brought reading to a whole new generation. What many people are finding it good for is going on holiday with; before you would have to pack your suitcase full of books and this is hardly the most ideal thing to do when you are trying to travel light however with the kindle you have the chance to store literally thousands of books and journals and newspapers on this one small device and read and access them at will. Its screen also means that you can read in direct sunlight in the same way that you would simply read a book or a newspaper however what happens if something goes wrong with your Kindle and you drop it?

While they may not look like the sturdiest of devices they can actually withstand quite a bit of damage although a drop from a few feet to a solid surface will probably ensure that the screen cracks or something similar. So, this is why you need to be looking at a Kindle fire case and decide on which one to buy. If you drop things regularly – your phone for instance – then it is guaranteed that you will drop this device at some point or another and therefore it is necessary for you to buy a case to ensure that, if it is dropped or something lands on it, then it will be as protected as it possibly can. More and more people are now getting into reading by way of the Kindle Fire and it has had a massive impact on millions of people although if they are commuting around with it then a case is advisable and they come in so many designs and styles that you will be bound to find one that you will like.

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Jul 07

When Apple first filed the legal documents necessary to sue Samsung for copyright infringement, the company probably didn’t anticipate the lengthy legal fight that it was up against. Of course, Apple has a sordid history of suing its competitors, but with the future of the mobile phone market in the balance, Samsung is not taking this battle lying down. In a move that shocked even the most experienced legal experts, Samsung has asked the United States government to ban Apple from bringing in the new iPhone from overseas. In essence, Samsung may have just delayed the release of the iPhone 5 indefinitely.

Samsung may actually have good cause to ask US officials to block the sale of the future iPhone 5. Apple and Samsung may compete in the mobile phone industry, but Apple is also one of Samsung’s main customers. Because Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of memory chips in the world, virtually every other mobile phone manufacturer depends on them to build their devices. This means that Samsung stands to lose almost as much as it stands to gain. By preventing Apple from importing new versions of the iPhone and the iPad, it will effectively be losing one of its best customers.

However, if Apple is successful in blocking Samsung from selling its line of mobile phones, the company will lose a substantial portion of its profits. If Samsung’s request to prevent Apple from importing the iPhone is granted, both companies may end up making a deal outside of the courtroom in order to prevent a potentially damaging stalemate.

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Jun 30

Not only are newer model video cameras easier to handle than their predecessors, they are also more lightweight, compact and have an endless amount of special features. You don’t need to purchase standard sized VHS tapes in order to record with today’s video cameras. What you will need is a memory stick, a lithium battery and subject to film. Anti-shake technology makes it easy to film freehand, so you don’t have to pack a bulky tripod with you when you know that you are going to be recording footage for a long time.

Some video cameras are completely waterproof, which means that you could take them underwater and film your family playing in a pool or in the ocean. An invisible seal is placed around the external body of the video camera, which prevents water from seeping in and shorting out the electrical components. Even if the camcorder that you purchase is not waterproof, it will more than likely be water resistant, so you can safely use it in the right and other wet conditions.

Look for video cameras that are capable of rendering the best picture quality. Whether you just want to create home movies or plan on editing all of your footage, you will want to see and remember what you filmed just as it appeared in real life. HD video cameras are becoming extremely popular with consumers because they can be used in conjunction with HD TVs. Basically, you don’t want your footage to appear to be outdated. Close-up shots will be more vivid and action scenes will be more true to life when you purchase a new video camera. Even film students and filmmakers on a limited budget are using these consumer based video cameras to record feature length films. Use your video camera to capture new memories this summer.

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Jun 23

Considering the fact that Apple makes just about every other electronic device known to man, it wouldn’t be unreasonable for the company to begin to manufacture television sets. After all, consumers know that Apple makes pricey but high quality products. There might not seem like there is a link between the new iCloud service to be launched by Apple this fall and the television manufacturing industry, but there is. First, Apple starting applying for TV specific patents, then the company began hinting that its iCloud service could store much more than just digital music files. Since users can already watch movies and videos on the iPod and iPhone, it seems that the only reason that Apple would release the iPad would be to compete with other manufacturers. Apparently, Apple’s real plans are two-fold.

In other words, Apple might not necessarily need to start building television sets in order to get into the TV industry. All users would need to own is one of Apple’s many mobile electronics and a subscription to iCloud in order to watch television programming. Google already tried its hand in the TV industry with disastrous results, however, Apple is looking to expand the options of users, not reduce them.

It will likely be several years before an Apple manufactured TV makes it on the market, if ever. With so many different manufacturers competing in the same space, the television market might be the one area in which Apple is completely and utterly out of its league.

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Jun 08

After Steve jobs unveiled the new iOS 5 to awe struck fans, he announced that it would be rolled out until the fall. Most likely, iPhone 4 owners will be downloading iOS 5 while the next generation iPhone is being stocked in stores. However, one resourceful Apple fan has found a way to facilitate the download of the iOS 5. The only problem is that you won’t be able to do much with your iPhone after the new operating system is launched. Apple is allowing a handful of people to test it in beta version, so that means that the company has disabled unauthorized users from accessing the web, sending text messages and even making phone calls. So essentially, you won’t be able to do anything besides look at the new wallpaper and twiddle your thumbs.

The good news is that you will be able to use your iPhone to access all of your already downloaded apps – as long as don’t need to use the Internet to make use of them. Several iPhone news outlets have recommended that users download the new iOS 5 but not to delete the old operating system. Simply downloading iOS 5 won’t disable all of the call features, so users can play around with the features and see what’s in store without locking themselves out. Apple hasn’t made any official statements on the leaked version of iOS 5, but chances are that their engineers are working to prevent users from accessing the unauthorized copies that may be floating out in the web.

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Jun 05

For the first time in nearly a decade it seems like Apple is finally on the ropes. While the company won’t be going out of business any time soon, Microsoft, Google and a number of other technology based competitors are giving consumers first dibs on the most cutting edge features. Google was first to give web users the option of accessing, importing and altering their documents online. Microsoft came up with a number of features that are used on their Windows based mobile phones. The iPhone is still selling in record numbers, but Apple realizes that it could lose its grips on the general public if it doesn’t start listening to the masses.

Apple iDisk will hopefully solve the lack of document editing features, but users are worried that their edits won’t fully translated when opened on other systems. Hopefully, Apple will get all of these issues sorted out before the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple may be worth more than Microsoft, but consumers are still partial to Windows based products. A new suite of software is in the works, and if Apple’s plans work out then iPhone owners will be able to execute most everyday tasks via their phones. This is a slow but consistent movement towards mobile phone based technologies where users won’t have to transfer their files back and forth from their computers to their mobile devices. If Apple can be the first to perfect this technology, then the iPhone will become much more than a social status – it will be a virtual necessity.

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Mar 29

The majority of your customers may be individuals but statistics show that more people are forming sole proprietorship companies and LLC corporations to take advantage of federal tax breaks. This means that you can count on being subject to increased merchant fee rates if you do not take adequate preventative measures. In addition, new groups of customers will want to you accept their overseas credit cards, mobile wallet payments and even their Internet checks. Working with a credit card processors that is able to complete a wide variety of transactions will give you leverage over your competitors.

You can do your own research on different credit card payment methods and then compare merchant accounts until you are able to find one that supports all of the payment options that you want to offer at your business. While there are many companies that offer business owners incredible introductory rates sometimes there are stipulations that are tucked away in the pages of their contracts that prevent companies from getting the full benefit of the promotions that they have signed up for. This is why it pays to find out with other business owners have to say about their personal experiences with the credit card processors that you are considering.

If you currently have a Costco merchant account you may not be aware of the fact that your company is being subjected to dubious advertising practices. Costco merchant account holders that have signed up because of the attractive merchant fees do not realize that they usually do not qualify until they receive their first billing statements. By then, these business owners have already been locked into a long-term contract. You can transition to a different credit card processor by comparing the various fee schedules of various companies online with FeeFighters.

Although FeeFighters is not heavily publicized, business owners are increasingly becoming aware of the their credit card payment processing options. Though word of mouth and media coverage, FeeFighters is helping America’s struggling small business industry one company at a time. Simply complete a short online form and you will receive bids from credit card processors that know what it takes to keep consumers and business owners happy. You are not required to commit to any company, which means that you can compare merchant fees just for informational purposes. With this information you can ask your current credit card processor what it is willing to do to retain your company as it’s customer.

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Mar 21

Satellite radio subscribers pay for access on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Once a subscription is purchased they will have unlimited access to listen to radio broadcasts, provided that they have an XM antenna and other required equipment. For the most part satellite radio works in exactly the same manner now as it did when it was first introduced. Consumers now have the ability to hear radio shows outside of their cars, however, many are wondering what will come next.

Just as satellite radio has increased in popularity cable television is in a decline because more consumers are signing up with satellite television companies. Both types of television programming give viewers vast packing options, however, the emergence of recordable devices sets satellite apart. Given the current trends, there is a good possibility that satellite radio companies may soon begin to manufacture radio devices that will allow consumers to record shows and play them back at will. For now, the focus appears to be on competing with portable electronics manufacturers as well as smart phone develops, but a new satellite radio app could solve this dilemma.

Sirius XM Radio is soon to release an app that would allow subscribers to play music on their smart phones. Never before has satellite radio been combined with smart phone technology, but consumers are fond of the idea of listening to radio programming while on the go. After purchasing an XM power cable these smart phone owners can synchronize their devices and listen while in the car – even if the vehicle owner is not a subscriber. Not only will more help satellite radio providers attract more customers, it will also introduce the technology to new groups of consumers.

Satellite radio can go in many different directions but consumers mainly want the ability to take their subscriptions with them wherever they go. As more portable devices come on the market, major corporations will need to start figuring out ways to combine them together. Having half of a dozen different hand held electronics that serve different purposes is far less convenient than owning one that does them all. Car makers have already fully integrated satellite technology into their newer models, so the next logical step is for MP3s, gaming consoles, smart phones and satellite radio to all come together. This goal may not be accomplished overnight, but as people look for the newest technologies they often respond to the products that represent the best buys.

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Apr 02

Most consumers understand that when it comes to a smart phone maker, the Apple brand is the strongest on the market today given the way they have masterfully blended a combination of intuitive product design and amazing marketing that helped build in their iPhone as a premiere brand of smart phone for savvy consumers. This has lead many to go with the brand without checking all of their options and that may work for some consumers, but a growing segment of buyers are looking for a low cost version of the smart phone that is not necessarily loaded with bells and whistles while still having many of the features that make this such a popular device in the tech savvy world. The new competitor to hit the scene recently has been LG with a range of different models that are designed to suit different needs which is not the same way that Apple has chosen to market its flag ship product. The LG approach is to offer variety so that consumers will have a level of choice as to what they would like for their phones and be able to decide which price range works best for them. It started with the LG Cookie, a previous model which offered a very low cost alternative to the pricey iPhone and then expanded to the LG Arena which was a more expensive model that more closely competed with the iPhone’s list of features. Now there is a new product on the horizon which may be a very clever challenge.

The new LG Pop mixes a range of features that set it apart as not only a less expensive phone, but a green solution due to the option of including a back mounted solar panel to raise the amount of talk time the phone offers. This is a bold incentive that may win over many.

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Apr 02

For years now, US based Apple has faced very little serious competition for the lion’s share of the emerging smart phone market. The company has dominated with very little effort thanks to a host of features that its product offers and the fact that upgrades and new version of the industry standard smart phone are rapid and always raise the bar when it comes to the definition of state of the art. For this reason, many critics have said it will be over a decade before the iPhone gets even the slightest hint of a serious competitor, but some critics are now changing their mind as the Samsung Wave arrives on the shores of many countries across the world. The Korean based electronics mega company has put some serious R and D into their new phone to bring out a wide range of features that genuinely improve upon the smart phone concept while still offering something that is uniquely Samsung in its presentation. Many fans of the company enjoy the fact that the phone’s 3.3 inch touch screen is easy to use and the 720p video recording mode on its stock camcorder is definitely winning over more.

The facts, say critics, point to Apple eventually having to face real competition even though with more competitors Apple still seems to be doing just fine with their flag ship product. The Wave has brought 32 GB of external memory to the picture as well as a music player that can easily run in the background, along with a variety of features such as flash reduction and brightness control to its standard camera. Apple seems to view any push from a competitor to raise the bar as just another challenge, but critics have begun to speculate that Samsung may have a winner in the new Wave.

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